Invest in a New Kind of Digital Health Company

And become part of the movement toward

Whole Person Wellness.

More than 75 percent of all physician office visits

are for stress-related ailments and complaints.

Chronic stress is a primary driver of chronic disease, disability and death.

We all deserve better.


annual cost for treating

chronic disease in the U.S.

7 in 10

experience stress that 

affects their health

7 in 10

deaths are due to 

chronic disease

1 in 2

have family or friends 

addicted to drugs

1 in 2

people take 

5 or more prescriptions


Market fragmentation is heightened by a range of siloed point solutions available to treat the Body, Mind and Spirit, and no single platform that brings these things together.  

Fragmented care leads to fragmented health and both healthcare providers and individuals need more tools to affect meaningful change.


HIVE is bringing together the best scientifically-validated offerings under one platform that can be harmoniously utilized by healthcare providers and individuals.

These offerings are purposefully selected to complement conventional medical care to enable Whole Person Wellness.


Whole Person Wellness utilizes the best of conventional and alternative approaches to reduce all types of stress and support the body's innate ability to heal. Rather than focusing solely on symptom management, this approach supports harmonizing Body, Mind and Spirit to return to a natural state of health.


Healthcare Providers

  • Provider-branded Platform Powered by HIVE
  • Enhanced Revenue for Your Practice
  • Adherence, Patient Progress and Revenue Dashboards
  • Transaction & Tax Management
  • Individualized Protocols
  • Educational Courses 
  • HIVE Community & Peer Support
  • Holistic Management of the Whole Person
  • Ability to Leverage Non-pharmaceutical Stair-step Options Prior to Resorting to Pharmaceuticals
  • Get Ahead of Chronic Disease by Better Understanding the Whole Person
  • Greater Insights & More Proactive Role in the Management of all Aspects of Care
  • Scientific Advisory Board Approval of Platform Offerings
  • Easy Setup and Deployment
  • HIPAA & HITRUST Compliant


  • Work with your Healthcare Provider to Build a More Comprehensive Care Plan
  • Access to Vetted Products, Services and Education
  • Convenient Ordering and Automatic Product Refills
  • Access to Coaching and Educational Content
  • Track and Automatically Report Progress Back to Your Healthcare Provider
  • Simple and Easy to Use from any Device
  • Secure and HIPAA Compliant

How We Make Money

Healthcare Providers

  • Platform Fees
  • Transaction Management Fees
  • Wholesale Revenue from One Biosciences Products and 3rd-Party Products and Services
  • Educational Curriculum


  • Subscription and One-time Product and Service Revenue
  • Educational Curriculum
  • Referral Fees for Outside Services

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